Costuming has always made me feel super remarkable. As a child it was my happy place, be it a faux fur coat or a pair of glam sunglasses. It seemed an optimistic place to view the world from. Not much has changed for me as an adult, except maybe I’m seeing the permissiveness and playfulness of costume in a way I didn’t understand as a child.

Now I see it a magical. When I open The Story Costumer store, there is a whoosh of anticipation at what wonderful things might happen next. Will I talk to a rock star, a Viking, or a celebrity? Who will be looking for a special something for a masquerade event or a pirate inspired wedding?

And yet what I love most about The Story Costumer space is the way it makes people expand. I guess it is the stories and memories they are surrounded with and the way joy is worked into the fibres of the fabric. When I am making a new piece, I’m thinking about how I might energise it. If I’m making a cloak, maybe it has been soaked in a babbling brook, or set under the stars? It might have been sung to by an opera singer. If its a playful piece, it could have been sitting in a children’s play park absorbing laughter and love. It’s the essence of joy in the wares.

Isn’t that what magic is all about?

Wander in and see what adventure wear you can find. You might rediscover that elusive tingle in your fingers.