From a Narnia-esk enchanted dress up shop in country Victoria, stories, projects and possibilities abound.

At the Story Costumer, underpinned by a manifesto of Kindness, Sustainability and Imagination, many things could happen and probably will. It has already been visited by Rock Stars, acclaimed photographers and those tuned into the playful hum of creation.

Maybe it’s the inexplicable draw of the Golden Throne of Revelation? It’s hard not to sit on it and be drawn into wonder and curiosity.

The throne, direct from a mysterious, antiquated share house has stories held within its lining and it whispers them daily. And these stories form the fibres of costumes manifest from their words.

The Throne has hosted community knitting, the birth of the Pockets of Kindness Project and many generous spirited conversations. It has allowed people to shed their load for a moment in time.

It has born the idea of the Unfinished Business Skirt, a project incorporating the unfinished works of people who have dementia or other age-related illness. There’s also an Adventure Jacket humming in the sidelines. It will incorporate pockets of the many things you might need on an adventure. Perhaps a magnifying glass, a notebook, a piece of string and a specimen jar? Maybe a twist of caramel?

The Throne invites you to come sit for a while. View it as a liminal space, a portal of possibility. Life is too short not to succumb to the delights of imagining.