After thirty-five years in the Community Sector it was time for a new flight path. The Story Costumer was born, initially at Kyneton’s The Old Auction House as a creative studio and now at The Old Post Office in Trentham as a magical business.

Caroline is a Costume Creative and Imagineer and has curated an extensive collection of cloaks, wigs, shoes, hats, gowns and eclectica, at The Story Costumer for your enjoyment.

Need something unique for a workshop, group experience, celebration, hire, purchase or photographic shoot? Maybe you need an energising event speaker?

A natural bowerbird, Caroline has been collecting and creating fantastical costumes as an extension of their own imagination. Their costumes involve deconstruction and reconstruction of preloved garments. They come gifted by others, found in unusual places, wrapped in story, sparkle and wonder. They support your desire to become less pedestrian for a moment in time.

When Caroline wraps a cloak around your shoulders the enchantment begins. Perhaps a tall top hat, red ballet shoes or an ancient wedding gown? These whimsical things take us out of ourselves and help us learn to play again. The subtle art of ‘re-childing’ is a gift we may be reluctant to take and yet it’s imbibed with so much joy!

Back to when fairy-twirling or superhero natures are our true way of being. Childhood is mostly a place of optimism and creation. Somehow, we forget that as we add years to our chronology. We lose the natural art of playful, to invent from sticks and string. We forget how easy it is to transform with fabric, glitter and a glue stick.

The Story Costumer is a place of getting unstuck, of stepping into the majesty of your optimal playfulness or the cleverness of you.

Caroline is principal story weaver, creator and maker at the Story Costumer. Come in and share a story over tea and fairy bread.